• Location: SARAJEVO, BIH
  • Year: 2019.
  • For: Competition for the Central memorial to martyrs and fallen defenders in the municipality of Novo Sarajevo, 1st place
  • Size: 1.25 HA
  • Program: Memorial and a park

The concept of the proposed monument is based on the formation of a broken circle, which symbolically represents a violent interruption of the life cycle. The entrance to the central point of the memorial was formed at the breaking point. A wall was erected around the circle, made up of identical concrete blocks. The wall is circular in shape, which gradually and symbolically rises.Walls are not static elements and can often be compared with processes, and over time walls have had different socio-cultural meanings, depending on the context and its purpose.

The wall is a powerful conceptual element that has a multidimensional meaning: envelope, barrier and a shield while the identical concrete elements associate to community, society and city… The same wall lacks 716 elements, where each one of the missing elements symbolizes a martyr. Within the missing blocks, the names of the fighters are written on a transparent material.

Transformative grammar of the memorial communicates through a universal form and archetypal elements. Contextually, it is linked and personalized through the missing blocks with all the names inscribed. This conceptual design seeks to achieve the synthesis of the monument as an artistic and visual expression with the official requirements that all the names must be stated, which is often treated separately. With this solution we get symbiosis and interactivity of the two.

The composition of the monument consists of two primary circular forms that create spaces and places of socialization, interaction, education and memory. The outer circle, centrally positioned in the greenery, takes over the function of the square and the meeting place. It is also an introductory-transitional sequence to the central perforated wall. From the surrounding pedestrian and biking trails one can see the inner space of the circle, where silhouettes of people are seen, so the interior space communicates and intrigues. The entrance to the central area is only partially visible towards the busiest road, hinting about the interior space, while not revealing its content.

 Team:  Jasmin Sirčo, Zejd Kobilica , Emina Alić

Augusta Brauna 2, 71 000 Sarajevo, B&H
+387 61 410 562
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