• Location: NOVI SAD, SERBIA
  • Year: 2017.
  • For: International urban and architectural competition “Nova mesta (New places)” in Novi Sad, location Telep, AWARDED AND RECOMMENDED FOR REALISATION.
  • Size: 20 HA
  • Program: urban Park

While exploring the phenomena and occurrences of the site, we identified the barge as one of the most characteristic elements being used by locals.We decided to transform the traditional barge into a platform, composed as the synthesis of 3 elements: urban furniture, vegetation and a barge. This way, a platform unites the before mentioned elements and provides with new ways of usage as well as new views of the Danube river banks.

The platforms are made in three different dimensions (200x400, 200x600 and 200x800cm) and are accessible by docks whose length is adjusted in accordance with the terrain. Following the docks are green ‘ribbons’ planted with flowers and low evergreens, serving as an extension to the docks. The platforms are docked and the visitors can sail up to certain distances and enjoy the view, socializing with each other, privacy, fishing etc.With this concept, the visitors are both provided with an interesting and unexpected way of using the platforms (barge squares) and utilizing the space as well as being able to retain the natural characteristics and atmosphere of the Telep area. By synthesizing the various urban elements, we get spaces of different possibilities that now create “new places” in the city.

Team: Jasmin Sirčo, Emina Alić, Berina Šahinović-Sulejmanović, Adina Šahinović

Augusta Brauna 2, 71 000 Sarajevo, B&H
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+387 61 711 677