Think Tank Terminal

  • Location: groningen, the netherlands
  • Year: 2013.
  • For: Europan 12, SELECTED
  • Size: STRATEGIC SITE 10,8 ha, SITE OF PROJECT 1,8 ha
  • Program: no programmed framework for functions, only suggestions to improve access to the area , to bring it to the attention of the population, to facilitate the accommodation of unexpected functions.

Think Tank Terminal would be a new input to the urban fabric of Groningen's. Would constituted a new urban symbiosis of different functions with a focus on education. This would predtavljalo new concept of housing and education.
The concept is based on the synthesis of:
Think tank container terminal + + experimental city
Think Thank was formed non-profit organization whose members are involved in research, education on specific issues and problems. By organizing debates, publishing activities, and various publications think tank seeks to become a creator and pioneer of new ideas and political changes. The container terminal is equipped for the transport of various types of containers, ro-ro rails, and other mechanical means that they can cope with heavy packs. The terminal has the ability to explain or alter containers. Positioned in a former industrial town on the outskirts of the urban fabric with its form and content has the potential to become a stimulant urban transformations and strong urban magnet.
The spatial distribution is determined by the two elements, namely: vertical elements which are located facilities and horizontal elements that connect the ground. The terminal is dynamic, transformable space with variable form, easily adaptable to new needs.
The basic unit of the container is connected to larger units. Recycled containers receive new meaning and appearance.
Experimental housing and education
Education is extremely complex and interactive process. New ways of education involving a higher degree of interaction and experiment. Groningen station's reservoir of knowledge-terminal promjenje and temporary housing.
Think Tank Terminal is a fragment of an integrated city. Facilities are hybrid and the symbiosis of open public space, housing, multifunctional area, financial and educational activities.
Privately and publicly reticulated. We tried to create public spaces in two levels of a summary is intertwined with the private. We have created vrtiklan gardens and connect them with the entire trajectory of the stalls.

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