• Location: OSJEK, CROATIA
  • Year: 2016.
  • For: International competition for architectural design of the Islamic Cultural Center in Osijek
  • Size: 3.0 HA
  • Program: Islamic and cultural center

hidden Nur

The microlocation provided for the construction of the Islamic Center in Osijek is not characterized by the existence of a strong urban context, which enables and requires the designers to build a recognizable object and a landmark in the cultural and urban context.

The goal was to create an intimate space filled with light and nature to allow visitors peace and concentration of the moment.The concept of the object is based on the permeation of the functional with symbolic transformation of the basic geometric bodies of squares and circles to form a “one volume” object. The geometric bodies (square and circle) are also the primary dispositional elements in the traditional Ottoman architecture. In our concept, they are given a new role, with the aim of forming the objects of contemporary vocabulary. The complex consists of two compositional building elements and a minaret.

The Islamic Center in Osijek should be distinguished by its simple forms, white volume, vertical accent - minaret and become one of the city's landmarks. On the outside, the square volume is lined with panels with geometric decoration, creating the outer mantle of the object. The materialization of the object is a contrast between the white outer volume and the inner dominantly wooden and green atrium.

Team: Zejd Kobilica, Jasmin Sirčo, Ilma Kobilica       

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