• Location: Zenica,BIH
  • Year: 2017.
  • For: National architectural and urban competition for the redesign of the city's caffe in Zenica along with the square around it, 2nd place
  • Size: 1.5 HA
  • Program: The City caffe and the square

The given inputs are those that shaped the characteristic points and in that way indicated the focus of the solution. The first point is the epicenter of the treated space (the space between the three objects) where we form an open outdoor scene as a way of bringing out the theatre scene.  The green roof as an all-purpose space (TAVA), represents the second point where it is connected with the third point to the square (an open scene). Redefining the location and the appearance of the existing fountain, we keep the element of water that represents the fourth point, while the sculpture of Dušan Dzamonja, in front of the Theatre of Zenica, represents the fifth point.

In the further elaboration of the concept, we define and assume the intensity to the focused points, and define their poles (+/-). Since the point A-an opened scene and point B-half-opened scene/counter represent the zones that attract people, they were determined as positive (+) fields in the project. Opposite to the points A and B, the points C-staircase, D-water and E-sculpture, are points that represent the barriers to the walking lines so they were represented with negative values in the adequate amounts. The given points are compared to the electric fields that are mutually connected with equipotential lines, or the walking lines.

After entering parameters in the program ELECTRIC FIELDS, the results are transferred to the real situation and are overlapped with the focus points that are defined through the concept of the idea, and this is how we get the configuration of the pavement square. ČIMBUR in an experimental and complex way of attempts to provide answers and achieve the continuity of the found context. 

Team: Polygon workshop + Trokut - Jasmin Sirčo, Emina Alić, Zejd Kobilica, Ilma Kobilica


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