• Location: BIHAĆ, BIH
  • Year: 2017.
  • For: National competition for the memorial for the defenders-liberators of the town of Bihac, 3RD PRIZE
  • Size: 2.5 HA
  • Program: Memorial complex and a park

As an artistically designed object located in the very heart of the city, we see the the monument for the defenders-liberators of the town of Bihać as an unobtrusive but an extremely strong reminder of courage and unity in the fight for freedom and true humanistic values.

The two lines formed by the pillars are parallel to the main walking lines and as they narrow down and rise towards the north, they are directed like a funnel towards the city center. Metal column symbolically represents a soldier, standing firmly and calmly, with rows on either side approaching but not touching. In this way, they form a gate, a solemn passage, directed towards the city center as a sign of victory. The gate is an open passage, an entrance to the city, a symbol of welcome and a triumph of freedom and unique struggle. Much like the triumph gates built since ancient times in honor of triumphant greetings and military victories. The middle space is filled with missing pillars from the line rows. Every one of those displaced pillars represents a soldier whose life was lost in fight for the freedom of the city. The place where they were supposed to be was replaced with a beam of light directed towards the sky. This inner area is both a place of piety and place of memory.Materialisation of the monument makes the emotional communication with the visitors even more intense. The pillars are intended to be made of polished stainless steel with high reflectivity so, just like a mirror, each pole reflects the contours of passers-by. This monument celebrates life and recalls the past, the heroic resistance and the foundations of true equality for people fighting for the liberation of the city.

Team: Mersiha Čerim, Amila Rujanac, Emina Alić, Gorica Mehić, Zejd Kobilica, Jasmin Sirčo


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