Triangle Sash

  • Location: New York
  • Year: 2013.
  • Size:

The sashis a symbol of a tribute and affiliation. The concept of the work is based on
commemoration for the victims, workers, the struggle for workers's rights and social reforms,
where we partly cover the building with new structure, whose meaning and form are associated
with the sash. Out intention is to point out the significance of the event stimulated by this tragedy
and pay tribute to the victims.
The consequences of this tragedy exceed time and space constraints. „Triangle sash“ is part of the
colective identity and a common memory, track of the time, built to send a message, attract
attention and educate visitors and passerby about the part of time that it represents.
The sash is made out of triangle network of different sizes. The triangle is the most stable
geometric form, whose compound makes a strong structure – network, which symbolizes the
workers as a whole, their communities, struggle, strenght, unity and shared destiny. 146
perforated fragments are prominent within the network, each of them is a reflection of each
individual victim.
This monument is a constant reminder of the events, people and ideas. White structure symbolizes
purity, innocence and goodness, but it is also a synonym for coldness and distance. Duality of
white color meaning representsthe duality of monument meaning which also pays tribute to
innocent victims and heroes in the strugle for workers's rights and social reforms.
The building is covered by the mantle of steel triangular fragments placet at different angles,
thereby contibuting to the spatial experience. Prominent fields are clad with triangular perforated
metal. This kind of intervention enables object ovreview in his original form and structure, and at
the same time atracts observers attention.
At the base of the building there is an interactive panel with the names of the victims and the
description of the event. By clicing the name, the display shows detailed information about the
victim. The facade is interactive in the moment when a passerby click the name to be informed
about the victim, the triangle dedicated to that victim flashes – pulsates, again leaving a mark in
the space.


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