Bukovo Selo

  • Location: Mountain Bjelasnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Year: 2014.
  • For: on call competition for Municipality trnovo, 2ND AWARD
  • Size: Master Plan
  • Program: master plan for mountain village with 50 to 60 plots

The concept of the settlement and development of the idea is based on three factors which have caused the definition of a given area:

The primary factor - IDENTITY
Secondary factors - preservation of greenery
Tertiary factor - COMMON SPACES

The primary factor in the creation of architectural concept is of great importance when it comes to preservation and conservation of authenticity. This approach to the complexity of space contributes to the development of the cultural tourism, adequate to create their own identity beech beech village level. Here we can talk and preserving townscape, or to fit the. And in this case we can talk about sustainable development.
The term sustainable development alludes to environmental protection, where such a limitation can be interpreted through a complex architectural experience, and if you look a little better this interpretation may be wealth. That is restricted becomes diverse, and the preservation of identity is an important prerequisite for sustainable development.

In the context of pre-written, preservation or conservation of the current green wealth of nature is also one of the important factors of sustainable development. Any urban intervention, planned and carried out with the aim to improve the quality of the environment is in the benefit of sustainable development. In this case, the current wealth of greenery is used as a buffer zone between "loud" and "quiet" part of the site, or part of the housing and parts of buildings with commercial facilities.

Again, as far as identity is closely linked with the phrase preservation of greenery, such as green areas closely related to the common area and the quality of facilities provided by it. Green areas are conceptually conceived as a recreational zone without major intervention, while the common areas are defined through the Zone I and Zone II, and as squares, sports facilities in the open or closed spaces, cultural facilities.

Team : Gorica Mehić, Mersiha Čerim

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